Office Consultation Policy
After practicing as a Chiropractor for fifty-two years, Dr. John Pagano is now officially retired and no longer sees patients in his office.

Dr. Pagano offers telephone consultations for educational purposes only wherein he shares his regimen and his vast experience treating psoriasis and eczema patients. It is to be understood that anyone choosing to follow his regimen must do so with the approval of your personal physician. The consultation is not to be used as a guide for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

Phone consultations are charged at $100.00 for a half-hour call (or part thereof) and may not exceed that time frame. The consultation is paid for by credit card prior to the conversation. Please call the office at   201-947-0606 during normal business hours to schedule a telephone consultation. It must be understood that, since the doctor has not seen you personally, he can only speak in general terms regarding your condition based on his years of experience with psoriasis and eczema patients.