John O.A. Pagano, Happy Holiday Music CD
Happy Holiday Music CD

Happy Holiday Music CD

The album consists of 15 all new, original holiday songs created in the tradition of the 40's & 50's. The songs bring back melody along with lyrics that reflect the joy and happiness that are an integral part of the holiday season.

Written, sung and produced by Dr. John O.A. Pagano, the songs range from spirited, joyful tunes to reverent and uplifting music - something that is sorely needed in the world today.

Once you hear these songs, you will find them happily reverberating in your heart and mind forever. Children especially are draw to these wonderful songs and ask to hear them over and over again.

Track Listing

1. Happy Holiday Music
2. It's Snowing!
3. Have a Happy Christmas
4. Wintertime in Olde New York
5. Merry Christmas
6. Candlelight and Wine (instrumental)
7. Winter's Here!
8. On the Ski Slopes
9. The Song of the Bells
10. Santa Claus Will Always Be
11. Christmas in Venice [Natale a Venezia] (instrumental)
12. Oh! Merry Christmas Bells
13. Merry Little Christmas Tree
14. Whose Mind is Stayed on Thee
15. Happy Holiday Music - Reprise