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This book cured my eczema, August 14, 2013
By pickyme

I had eczema on my face from about 8 years old till I was about 40. After following Dr. Pagano's instructions from this book (I've never met him), it has been gone for over 15 years. This man is a saint.

5-Star Reader Review Posted by "Anonymous" on April 29, 2013' on Barnes & Noble Website

I had psoriasis (plaque) all over my body and could not use any ointments or medications because I was breastfeeding. This diet is hard. It was a huge adjustment. I did not do everything do to time and expense but I did the diet and exercise and positive thinking. I tried the colonic and found a wonderful chiropractor. From the elimination diet I found that I was suddenly sensitive to gluten, dairy and soy and nightshade vegetables. I immediately saw results, my psoriasis first stopped spreading and then starting going away. About 8 months after starting the diet I was completely clear except for a few patches on my knees. Now, four years out, I am completely 100% clear with NO Arthritis. It is still a little hard at pizza parties and stuff but I feel great and it is totally worth it! Who wants to take medicine that completely wipes out your immune system?

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14 Sep 2012 By Ms Sylvia J. King

"A brilliant book; so much helpful information and explanations as to the workings of the body, specifically dietary routes. A must have for any sufferer, but only if you are interested in virtually curing your ailment with perseverance and patience. There is no quick fix and I know from personal experience."


An Amazon Reader Review of Dr. John's Healing Psoriasis Cookbook...Plus! posted on 11/11/11

"Dr. Pagano is an actual healer. He really is the only man in this field who can cure psoriasis. I've had this awful disease for over 20 years and have been to numerous doctors and NO ONE could touch it except DR. PAGANO.

My disease is now almost fully cleared because of his diet and theory behind the disease. If you haven't read his book "Healing Psoriasis" it is a MUST. It has been the number 1 book on Amazon for awhile now and I can see why. This cookbook is just as amazing. His recipes are delicious and easy to make. I cant express enough how Dr. Pagano and his books have helped me and so many others.

This book is worth the $35 and more....Buy it!"

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Six days and my skin was 85% clear
Reviewer: A reader from North Carolina

"After 20+ years of struggling with this disease, I finally found answers to all my questions in this one book. My results were quick and dramatic. Discipline is required, but well worth the effort. I plan to buy a copy for my dermatologist who told me 'learn to live with it, there are no cures.' "

Miserable in Hawaii
Reviewer: A reader from Chicago

"I have struggled with mild psoriasis since I was 16 but two weeks before our 30th anniversary trip to Hawaii, I broke out with guttate psoriasis literally from neck to my toes. Only my face was spared. What timing! I found John Pagano's book when I returned and immediately began the full program in Feb. of 1999. I was completely clear by August of 99. Even my scalp became pink and healthy again...I highly recommend this book. Your skin will improve as well as your general health."

A life-changer.
Reviewer: A reader from New York

"I bought Dr. Pagano's book in August, 1999, inspired by other reader reviews on, and followed most of his guidelines. I tried to be optimistic, but was sure the flare-up of my moderate-to-severe psoriasis that I'd come to expect every autumn would hit me soon. Three months later - no flare-up, and I'm almost clear! After 27 years of enduring the discomfort and depression of psoriasis, this is really amazing..."

This totally worked for me!!!
Reviewer: A reader from California

"If you have psoriasis, buy this book. I had a moderate to severe case of psoriasis, followed these simple instructions, and the psoriasis almost totally cleared in a few months. Don't waste money on external medications. This book explains how to clear psoriasis and become much healthier in the process."

Must Get Book If You Have Psoriasis
Reviewer: A reader from Hong Kong

"This is a very comprehensive book which includes a very effective program to heal psoriasis. I never thought I could heal my psoriasis until I bought this book."

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A reviewer
Lost Hope: Found "As a psoriasis sufferer I have tried a variety of treatments. Dr. Pagano's book is the only thing that has offered any sense of relief in ten years. He is totally sympathetic and understanding of the psoriatics emotional and physical needs. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has the will power to carry through his regimen."

27 Aug 2012 By Will Cook

"I am a very fit 62 year old man but last February 2011 I noticed I had a small spot come up on my arm like I have never had before. I showed it to my doctor and she confirmed that it was psoriasis. Well over the weeks more came up and my doctor prescribed all sorts of creams which I can honestly say did not seem to do much good. Eventually my Doctor referred me to a skin specialist and he said he could not cure me but he could keep it under control. He offered me light treatment or drug therapy. I chose the light treatment as I was concerned about the side effects of the drugs.

Well by the time the appointment came through for the treatment I was in a bit of mess and I ended going to hospital in an ambulance in August. I was extremely ill and I lost 90% of my skin, also my ankles, knees and hips swelled up and my liver was not working properly. In Hospital they gave me Ciclosporin which probably saved my life. By three months of taking it my skin was clear but I had all the side effects which you get from Ciclosporin; I was very tired and suffered with pins and needles in my legs. In December I came off Ciclosporin and the psoriasis started to come back even quicker than before and it had spread to my joints which started to affect my knees, hips and back.

In late January I found John Paganos' book "Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative" which I read. I did exactly what the book told me to do. Well after about three weeks I started to get a little bit better and now seven months on I have no psoriasis on my skin and I have no pain in my joints. The fungal infection I had in my toenails from the age of forty has completely gone. In my case giving up any thing sweet really helped, including fruit. I started taking olive oil and garlic daily.

John Pagano has given me my life back. I now work full time and the added bonus is I lost two stone in weight which I needed to do, and my blood pressure has never been so low. I now know what caused my psoriasis, and I know what to do if it ever comes back. If you have psoriasis please read this book, I know it works.

This is one of the drug companies best kept secrets as there is no money in it for them. I am pretty sure if I had found the book sooner I would not have ended up in hospital. Best of luck and stick to the diet. It works."

A must-have book for anyone with psoriasis.
Reviewer: A reader from Baltimore, Maryland

"I've had psoriasis for 29 years, and this book has changed my life. The diet detailed in this book is a challenge to follow, but the truly dedicated (desperate) will get used to it, and the results are well worth the effort. My skin has never been as clear as it is today, and for the first time I am really looking forward to the summer and all of the skimpy clothing! If there was a 10 star rating on, this book would deserve it."

Reviewer: A reader from Connecticut

"This book will shock you! There is a solution for this illness and you'll find it in the pages of this fabulous book! There are great photos of "before" and "after" - these are no gimmicks, these are real. The case studies are real too. It worked for me!"

Amazon Review of "One Cause, Many Ailments: Leaky Gut Syndrome, What it is and How it May be Affecting Your Health"

Reviewer: A Reader from England

What a fantastic, easy to read, easy to understand book. It`s a short book, so you can get through it quite quickly, but the information contained is invaluable if you are struggling with leaky gut syndrome (LGS). It explains how, why, and what to do about this condition. Fascinating stuff...this book would help you understand what`s going on with your body and what to do to help yourself. It does cover rather a lot about skin conditions, such as psoriasis, as well as LGS. But still a useful book to have on your shelf.

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"I am so amazed!" For 15 years I have put up with this most annoying ailment. I have been to doctors, dermatologists, and never once did I hear one of them say don't eat this or that! ... I just knew that someone had answers. That is you Dr. Pagano. I am filled with gratitude and can barely read the keyboard through my tears. Thank you is not enough! God's richest blessing to you Doctor. ... I'm finally looking forward to summer clothes!!!!" With Gratitude, E.L.B.

"Your book is wonderful. After three weeks my skin is almost clear. After having psoriasis for 16 years no doctor ever recommended this approach. I am glad you have a web site or I would still be suffering." Thank You, C.M.